Totally Radical Associates, Inc. is always in the market for new and talented people. The company cannot sustain its growth rate without the addition of new first rate people. We are beginning to branch out in new directions and our demand for great people will not subside anytime soon.

If you have a strong aptitude for mechanical concepts we are interested in speaking with you.

Additionally, we are interested in people who have:

  • A strong computer background
  • Good machining skills
  • CNC machining skills
  • Familiarity with mold design and construction
  • Familiarity with aerospace parts
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Degrees in any of the Engineering/Science disciplines

Totally Radical Associates, Inc. has career opportunities available. We provide full benefits and an enjoyable and challenging work environment. Our manufacturing system is fully documented and described. Aggressive and energetic people who can quickly learn our manufacturing and organizational systems will be promoted quickly. At this time, our company’s growth is strictly chained to our ability to attract first rate people and place them in leadership positions with new projects.